Monday, November 12, 2007

Monday ... the first day of the rest of your life...

Today I have been toooo busy, but maybe its a good thing. It means I didn't crave my usual glass (or three) of white wine tonight. This morning I went to my PT session - the last one was a killer and I could barely walk the next two days! Today we did some cardio, chest press, super sets of squats and dips and then pilates style ab work. My triceps are feeling pretty stuffed but otherwise so far, so good. I did have an epsom salts bath tonight to try and move the aches on.

After Gym, I came home and rang the travel agent to pay for our flights. Went to Grand Central got my new glasses adjusted, bought an ironing board cover (ripped the old one ironing my shirt this morning), saw to the new phone that was giving us problems and got a travel insurance quote. Left GC and picked up drawings for work. Went to work - worked until 5 pm and then went grocery shopping. Came home and cooked a yummy dinner of fish, gems, salad and asparagus. Is that why I feel so tired now?

Anyway I am glad I have not craved that wine - the first day of an alcohol-free (or at least low-alcohol) life!

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