Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Finally basted...

In my first blog (3 Nov) I mentioned the quilt top I had finished ready to baste the next day, well I finally got it done today. It felt as if everything was conspiring against me to get it done! When I was ready to baste it, then I had to work, etc and so it goes on.... even today at Toowoomba Quilters, we had to deal with locked cupboards with the key locked inside... one of our very versatile members was able to get us into the cupboard, so we got the key to unlock the padlock and then put the locks back to how they should have been. This same crafty person also helped me baste my quilt - thanks Fay! It took ages to baste - I remember now why I usually pin baste, not thread baste! However I am quilting this quilt with perle thread so it needed to be done. I do think next time I will enquire with Kathy at Koolkat as to the price of machine basting!
It was a lovely day at Toowoomba Quilters and it is great that there is tables available to baste quilts on... I don't have anywhere to do it at home.
While I was at TQ we were discussing the Quilting Arts Gifts magazine and I was wondering when my ordered copy would arrive - it was home when I got home so that was a real lift at the end of a pleasant day! I have also received the back issues of Quilting Arts magazines I ordered but I am dithering on whether I should read these already as they are meant for my birthday and if I read them now, I won't have much else to look forward to on my birthday.... maybe I should put half away and read some now? I hope these kinds of decisions are the most difficult ones I need to make for a while - I like a simple, quiet life!
I also appreciated the support I get from the other quilters. Today I showed some of the blocks I have made for the raffle quilt and I do admit to being concerned about how it will all come together but they were all very positive ... thanks guys!


  1. How many back issues of Quilting Arts did you get? I'm always willing to lend mine to a reliable person....

    And who showed signs of a mis-spent youth and skill in getting the door unlocked? Enquiring minds wanna know!

  2. Hi Caity, I didn't get them all so I will raid your collection some time! Fay broke us into the cupboard but it was all ingenuity not mispent youth. It just goes to show that anyone can get around the locks it they want to... locks are meant for honest people!

  3. Sue, The raffle quilt is going to look really nice and won't be a hodge podge. "Horstense" made a comment which I won't share with you, but once again it was purely her opinion. Everyone else is very positive and I am now looking forward to working on the tulips over the Christmas break. Must finish my Christmas bom first.

  4. I agree with Di - the raffle quilt is going to look FABULOUS!! *snort* "Hortense" hasn't a clue!


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