Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Woo hoo! made it to round two!

I am pretty excited to be among the 50 people who made it through round one of the Pattern Review Sewing Bee.  I was very happy with the quality of my entry so it is nice to have it validated by being one of the ones to get through. 

The weather is just getting warm enough to wear it soon!

The challenge for the second round is a hard one.  Embellishing fabric to make it your own  and then sewing a garment.  So there is really a number of challenges - the embellishment, choosing and fitting a pattern and then making it all work.  My other challenge is to make an item I will use again.  We shall see how that all goes.

I am making a muslin of  a frock From Ottobre 02/2015.  Half done so far....
... and I have been playing with embellishment styles on my green linen fabric.



Fabric manipulation
The last picture is closest to the true colour of my linen.  I got this fabric from a swap table and have been looking for a chance to use it.

Ciao kittens best keep working... wish me luck, I think there is a pretty big cull again at the end of this round.


  1. I like the rubbings, how do you make them? I think they will look really nice, maybe with different shades on different panels or areas?
    I like the fabric manipulation too, that would look great on a yoke.

    1. Here's a link that shows how the rubbing is done. .

    2. Thanks, that's really cool, although I bet it's very time consuming with large pieces of fabric. We used to do that as kids with pencils on paper :)

  2. I like the manipulated fabric but maybe that is too safe. Tricky. Good luck

  3. Yay! good luck in the next round, you have some great ideas cooking.

  4. Congratulations I loved your blouse and hope all is going well for round 2.


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