Thursday, September 10, 2015

Holiday snaps .... Jalie 2682 again

I have recently returned from a holiday where we traveled up to North Queensland and camped and kayaked and ate and ... you get the picture. :)

To this end I made a few pieces to take with me (as you do!)  I needed a rashie to wear while kayaking to stop my fair skin from turning bright red and painful and it is also useful as it keeps the salt water splash off your skin.  

I made a rashie for my DH a while back using a fehrtrade pattern (blogged here) and it is a good pattern but being a tightwad thrifty I thought I should use a pattern I already own.  Plus we don't really need to look like Bill and Ben in matching rashies don't you think?

I used Jalie 2682 a very versatile pattern which I last used to make a warm top for the gym. 

Cape Hillsborough near Mackay
This time I made it to my true size.  I made it exactly to the pattern.  I would normally shorten the sleeve length a little but left them as they were so I could get more protection.  It worked beautifully.

Cape Hillsborough  - Wedge Island.  You can walk to this spot at low tide.
The zipper is great as I can zip it right up to my neck for more sun protection.  

We saw a pod of dolphins that day - very exciting!

I made the main body of the top a dark brown and used a brown/red print for the lining pieces of the top bodice and collar.  I love that effect!

I also made a zipper pull in the patterned fabric.  I had a few questions about how I made it last time so tried to take some pictures this time to explain my process.

One more pic with the kayak... this time Cape Tribulation.

Cape Tribulation - above the Daintree ... don't kayak in the estuaries here! (crocodiles)
...and one of the reasons we visited Cape Hillsborough is that it is one of the few places you will see kangaroos and wallabies on the beach. 

Pretty Face Wallaby at sunrise - Cape Hillsborough
Ciao kittens... more holiday snaps soon...


  1. Looks like you had a wonderful holiday and kept sun safe with your new rashie. A great pattern that is turning out to be very versatile.

  2. Looks like a fun holiday. Jealous. Didn't get to leave Melbourne all winter! And it still cold!! Very clever with the rashie too.

  3. Wow, looks like a great holiday. Great rashie. The little tab is lovely in the contrast.

  4. Your active wear always looks so professional. Love the FNQ pics!

  5. Your clothes look so well put together. You always choose the right 'notions'.
    Lovely holiday spot too.

  6. Your top looks fantastic! I am always drawn to this pattern. The tab is a great detail.


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