Sunday, September 7, 2008

Successful afternoon

I have spent the afternoon making Burda wof 07-2008-118B. It went reasonable smoothly and wasn't at all hard to make, however I have one major issue with it - the shoulders are a bit wide and feel like they want to slide off. It may be that I stretched the neck edge when I sewed it (it is a stretch net on the yoke & sleeve bands and Valencia from Spotlight for the rest). I am slightly hopeful that the yoke may settle down when I wash it - I hope so anyway. I also shortened it - I don't think I am a tunic kind of person (plus it would have been too tight over the hips).

I had more success with the twin needle stitching than I have been having with some of the tops I have been making. I used a narrower twin needle and used woolly nylon in the bobbin. The woolly nylon certainly does add more stretch to the stitch. I do get some skipping of stitches though. I am using a stitch length of about 3.5 and slowing the stitch speed right down. I am wondering if I might need to get my machine serviced as I didn't have this many problems earlier with skipped stitches. There was no 'tunnelling' with this hem though. I get mixed results on the 'tunnelling' depending on how light the fabric is. I am hoping the narrower twin needle will help with this.
The 'Valencia' from Spotlight is actually quite nice to work with. The twin needle didn't 'tunnel' and the fabric has a nice silky feel. It will be interesting to see how it washes and wears.

Review is here.

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  1. Brrmm here from PR Down Under.....I'm thinking that 3.5 length could be a bit too long and that could be causing the skipped stitches. My machine only goes to 4 (gathering stitch) so if yours is similar that could be the culprit. It's really a matter of just test sewing and testing and testing really. Have you tried altering the foot pressure - I sometimes have success with that.
    My machine started up the skipped stitches on a simple knit and I'm trying all sorts of things to stop it.....gggrrrr.
    One other thing maybe, is your twin needle for knits, cause there are stretch ones.
    See ya!


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