Friday, September 12, 2008

My favourite colour is chocolate.

OK another top from the chocolate Valencia.

Burda wof 06-2008-109. I really enjoyed making this top - until I got to the zip. The rest was fun - pure sewing joy - the zip , well it just didn't behave quite as it should. I used the over locker or my sewing machine with a walking foot for the rest of the sewing, but the zip foot did not play so well with this fabric. The fabric wanted to move and stretch at a different pace to the foot. I found I had to stop every few stitches and lift the foot and realign the fabric so it didn't pucker. Also the second time I stitched it I left the zip closed so I could be sure the fabric was where it was supposed to be . The first time, even though I basted it, the fabric moved and the pocket and bottom band did not line up anymore when the zip was done up. Anyway it was the only reverse sewing I did in the whole top so that is probably pretty good!

Review is here.


  1. Another flattering top - and nothing like it in the stores, I bet - wow, your sewing just gets better and better! Way to go!

  2. Getting zip sides to match up is just about the only thing I've found to be worth hand-basting. Great job!


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