Friday, December 6, 2013

Opal quilt

I have finished my Opal Quilt - so named for the blue-green colourway.  

The pattern layout is from the book Spectacular Scraps by Judy Hooworth and Margaret Roolfe.  It is called Black Opal.  I love the colourway they use in the book - purples and blacks, but wanted to make a quilt as much from stash as possible.  So blues and greens seem to dominate the stash, so that is how the colourway came around.  One good quilting friend did give me some bits and pieces to use as well and I am glad to have part of her in the quilt now as she moved away and I do miss her.

I used the books suggestion to quilt it in wavy lines along the diagonal.  I used my walking foot for this and set myself up on the dining table to help take the weight of the quilt.

The borders were free motion quilted in leaves and swirls like a vine.  It is very hard to photograph on the busy fabric.  I am very grateful I bought the Bernina Aurora 440 as it has the BSR foot and is a boon for someone like me who doesn't free motion quilt regularly.

The colour scheme works really well on the double bed in our guest room (my older son's room).

Caio kittens!  Back soon with pants.


  1. Magnificent Sue, that is impressive! I love that it is made from fabrics you've sewn over the years and from your friend's collection too, it makes the finished quilt both beautiful and personal.

  2. Don't you just want to sleep under this yourself? Thant way, every morning when you wake up you can remember all the other garments you have made.

    A very special quilt.

  3. Gorgeous quilt, love the colours you have used and the memories it will create.

  4. Beautiful quilt, I wish I was brave enough to do free motion quilting

  5. What a lovely quilt, I wish I had the patience to quilt because I definitely have enough scraps! The colour way goes really well with the deep blue on the walls in your guest bedroom

  6. Absolutely beautiful. You did an fabulous job.

  7. Its been a long time coming but well worth the wait. Its MARVELLOUS!!! and looks fabulous on the bed. glad to be a part of it. I miss you too!

  8. It's beautiful! It looks perfect in the guest room.


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