Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Tessuti - Our Fave Top

I know I am supposed to be sewing for the Mini Wardrobe Contest, but got momentarily distracted to sew another top.  The Tessuti - Our Fave Top - a free download.

This top is not my usual style.  I usually favour more fitted clothing but I keep seeing this top about and decided it was time to try something different.

This is a simple top to make - two pieces - sew seams, hem all openings.   The part that takes the longest is taping all the A4 sheets of paper together. 

... and the biggest surprise is I really like it.  It is a great piece to showcase a bold necklace.

It also is so comfy and easy to wear...

And, yes Sharon, it is wide at the hemline...

Ciao!  Hopefully I can start showing my mini wardrobe pieces soon....


  1. Wow that looks so simple and fun. It wouldnt suit me but my daughter would love it, thanks for the link.

  2. Yes it is and it looks great on you very interesting the way it falls and would be so comfortable.

  3. Sue, you already know I think it's fabulous, but I do have a question. How did you finish the neckline? Is it a binding or a band?

    1. Super simple turn over and sew with a double needle. I used Steam a seam lite to hold it in place. Not flash but does the job.

    2. Thanks, Sue. I might have to give my neckline finish some thought as we both know I'm all about flash! LOL. Sounds good. I don't have any Steam a Seam Lite. Where do you get yours? I have some other stuff, Vlieosofix I think. I wonder if that would be close enough or if it would be too heavy? I can see a little experiment in my future.

  4. Wow..that *is* big at the hemline. Reminds me of the swimsuit coverup I made in August!

  5. You look simply stunning Sue. No wonder it's call a fave top.

  6. That's a really lovely and stylish top, I can see why it is a fave! The colour showcases that really cool necklace off beautifully too :)

  7. This is not at all my normal style, but you've convinced me to download the pattern! This is a great look, very modern and casual chic.


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