Monday, December 3, 2012

pattern Pyramid... we have a winner...

... and the winner of the draw is Deadlycraft.  If you could send me an email at the email addy on my sidebar with your address details I will be happy to send the patterns off asap! 

And so to include a few pictures ... I have started my decorating for Xmas.  I am going very simple this year...

And my latest sewing WIP...

I have to finish the other side seam and hem this but have got horrible wrinkles in the silk yoru chiffon in the side seam.

I think it may be to do with the fact that I have used a textured fabric with a bias cut pattern.  I am going to have a go to see if further persuasive pressing helps or whether I need to rip the seam out and try again (last option).  If anyone has any ideas I would love to hear them.... Ciao!


  1. VERY excited to have won a giveaway (I have never won one before!). I will email shortly.

    For the seams, I would try either stablising with something first (lightweight interfacing or ever tearaway?) or I did see some articles a while back on using lighter tension / longer stitches and super sharp needles. Sadly all of those suggestions involve a redo, so hopefully someone else comes up with a better plan!

  2. I hate to say it, but ripping the seam out up to about the waist, and letting it hang overnight to stretch the bias is probably the only thing that will fix it. Also, I would baste the seams together before sewing, and stitch from the bottom up (wide to narrow).

    1. Thanks - from everything I have been reading and asking sewing friends this does seem what I have to do, but you have put it together for me really clearly. :)

  3. Man, this contest/give-away is going to go on forever! Congratulations to deadlycraft for winning and hosting the next leg of the pattern pyramid!

  4. Sue I think sew when you are sewing the seams put some paper in between the fabric layers (don't know if you've tried this) and it stops the fabrics slipping against each other - good for bias cut or slippery fabric or both! It looks like a nice dress.


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