Monday, September 5, 2011

Butterick 5566 - denim skirt.

I am trying to begin some sewing for the change of seasons.  We are officially in Spring now and the days are slowly warming up.  I am so over my winter outfit which always included pants, that I had to sew for my first piece, a new skirt.  I made Butterick 5566.

I made View E as a few other sewing bloggers have done in a denim.  This denim was bought at the Fabric Collection at Sumner Park.

My most favorite part of this skirt is the facing (only a sewist would say that!).  I used a scrap of Japanese quilting cotton.  I did not have a large piece of denim and thought it would be too thick anyway, so used this quilting fabric which I fused with a lightweight interfacing.  I finished the edge of the yoke with rayon binding tape and added my tab on the inside at the zipper to avoid using a hook and eye at the top of the zip.

From the back...

These photos are taken at the end of the work day, but I think the skirt stood up pretty well.  It wasn't the warmest day that day so I paired it with my Burdastyle Turtleneck top in black bamboo (so soft and comfy!) and my Phoebe Jane vest.  

Full disclosure here in the interests of Self-Stitched September.  I am not an official participant but I do enjoy seeing what others are wearing and I do try  and wear something I have made myself, most days.  This day I got the full deck of cards! :)


  1. Ooh, nice skirt. I like the seaming - and the facing :).
    I like a denim skirt for spring too, it is a very useful transition piece, just as happy with a skivvy and jumper as it is with a t shirt or short sleeved blouse.
    I am regretting not getting to Sumner Park.

  2. Aah spring! hooray for some lighter clothes. I see a denim skirt in my future too, and I hope it looks as good as yours.

  3. I would love that facing as well! Denim skirts are so versatile, you will get plenty of wear from this one.

  4. Great job Sue! The fit is spot on and I love the Japanese cotton for the facing.

  5. Nice skirt. I can clearly see the topstitching. Your vest is wonderful!

  6. Very cute skirt - I have that pattern - lovely waistband facing.

  7. Great skirt! I like your facing too! =)

  8. Emerging from winter into skirts is the best part of Spring! This is a nice one.

  9. Pretty skirt and also like the waistband facing.


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