Saturday, January 1, 2011

Phoebe Jane Vest - Crochet project

I have finished another crochet project - cause for celebration as this is the first garment item I can remember crocheting. It is the Phoebe Jane Vest from Jenny King Designs. If you are a Ravelry member you can find it here, or scroll down this page if you are not.

I had to frog my first effort and start again with a much larger hook size and it still looks smaller than the one in the pattern picture. To get it this well shaped, I washed it, rinsed in vinegar and then left it to dry on my dressmaking dummy. I put a garbage bag on the dummy first as she is bright red and I could just see the red running onto the damp vest. This worked really well and I suspect it will maybe stretch out a little more in time.

I am very happy with it but as I used wool it is too warm to wear now. Up until the day I finished it, the weather was cool enough to wear it, but too hot and sticky now! I am going to try and finish some other projects before I start a new one (hopeful, aren't I?) I have some wool left and am thinking a little hat would be good.

All the best to everyone for 2011 and this is my last official project for 2010 to blog about. I started a skirt last year which I hope to finish today, so I am counting it toward my 2011 quota of finished items.


  1. Nice job Sue..pity about the weather. Is that the Jalie twist top I spy underneath?

  2. Hmm. Very nice! I like this alot. I'll have to go check out the pattern.

  3. Very cute - I think it will be a nice layering piece when you're weather really does cool off in a few months.

  4. Great job on the crochet top, Sue. Love the top underneath too - nice colour. Happy New Year to you and wishing you a productive sewing one! Di.

  5. Nice vest. Did you sew the yellow top too? if so, what pattern did you use?


  6. That is so pretty. I am all thumbs when I crochet, but your top makes me wish I wasn't.


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