Saturday, September 11, 2010

McCall's 5978

Had to do a quick post to show that I am still alive and occasionally sewing. I have just finished McCalls 5978. I will post a full review and more pictures when my DH is home and able to take them for me. (He is visiting his Mum who had another strange turn and is on hospital again - she is getting better but the Doctors don't know what is going on, oh and it is a 2 1/2 hour drive away!)

I love this cardi - it is made from a beautiful organic black cotton knit (which was quite expensive) and I found really cute buttons (which were also expensive), so I obviously do not sew to save money! And to throw some more money away, I have lost a button (or two as I thought I bought one more than I needed). I suspect the cat has eaten them as I couldn't possible have absent-mindedly placed them somewhere I can't find them...

Here is a photo on Diana (sans one button - more buttons are in the mail!)

And this is the button thief (or the one blamed for it anyway), sitting in a Spotlight bag (our chain fabric/craft store).

Spotlight bag ... 60 cents, cat's happiness ... priceless!


  1. Cute top, it will a very handy addition.
    Cute cat too!!

  2. It does look a lovely quality fabric. You'll need tottake closeups of the buttons for us.

  3. So pretty! And Lulu does look happy with her bag! Red is a good color for her.

  4. Sorry to hear about your MIL... and wishing for a speedy recovery. The perfect cardigan for any wardrobe.

  5. really like the cardigan and look forward to seeing the buttons as well. What is it about cats and containers... mine will even perch his backside in the littlest of boxes... I'll walk into a room and there he sits... he's very good at giving me a laugh.

  6. Nice cardi, I think the fancy buttons will be worth the extra trouble. With plain black, buttons always make a statement. Love Lulu in her bag, of course!

  7. Now Sue, you know I love this cardi, it looks very svelte and properly black (not the washed out try hard blacks that are more grey).
    And isn't Lulu just beautiful?


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