Monday, July 6, 2009

The ultimate gym shirt ... part 2

OK I have already lost my enthusiasm for this project. I cut a second version from my altered pattern, but found it didn't cover my bra straps well enough. I ended up putting in a small dart at the middle of the back neck edge and a small gather on the middle of the front neck edge to pull the shoulders in closer together.
I bound the edges in lime green using a very narrow band. However it looks a little home made IMO and I am not excited about it. I did wear it to a Step class to try out the fabric and it is comfortable to wear. Here is a picture anyway just for completeness of this journalling process.

(You can still see my bra straps a bit - I didn't manage to fix the problem entirely)

My friend Caity has a couple of patterns that she is going to loan me, so I will (eventually) get back to this project... *sigh!*

I think my mojo has stalled with the lack of excitement about this and the continual unpicking of the HP shirt. I even have got an early mark from work today and have not sewn but fluffed about doing things I probably should really be doing like paying bills, folding laundry, tidying up, etc. Anyway I did get some photos of my burda skirt so I will post them next - love that project!

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