Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Witchey-poo Shoes

After seeing that Caity had put up some photos of her great shoe buys , I thought I would put mine up too. Sadly only one pair followed me home, but even my 18 yo son thought they were great!
Two reasons I thought they were great $210 down to $20 and they FIT!


  1. *swoooooooooooooooooooooons*!

    I just LOVE these shoes, and the curves look so right on you! Now - bag? OUTFIT? HHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAT!!!!!

    *Ms O'Connor was at this point removed and put into the giggle box. Oh dear.*

  2. I think Vicki and I need to make a trip

  3. Your Witchey-poo shoes are fabulous and what a fantastic sale. I love the color, the buckle detail and oh did I say they are fabulous...lol

  4. Hi Sue! I really enjoy reading your blog so I nominated you for the bookworm award! :) If you have a moment I hope you stop on by to see the rules of this award/meme.

    By the way, those shoes are too fabulous! :D

  5. Hey Sue, Thank you so much for the BWOF Magazine, I recieved it a couple of days ago.(sorry I haven't written this sooner we've been having a few health issues in the family). I've already picked out a heap of things I want to make!! And you were right, have a guess what my christmas present is going to be??? A Burda World Of Fashion subscription!

  6. wore those around '58 & 59 with twice the height of heel.
    Do I wonder what it might have done to my feet back etc.
    And I ran in them..down the hill while the bus waited for me on a major highway.....Can anyone imagine a bus waiting for a silly late late teens kid to run down the road....?

  7. We also sang...
    " I saw the witch doctor he told me what to do..............he said bing bang wally wally bing bang......"

    Oh my what did it mean??


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