Wednesday, July 30, 2008

and some more

After Turku we went to Marjo's family mokki or summer holiday house on the lake. We spent a really good night there and stayed up until 3.30 am. The next morning we slept very late and all had headaches. My cousin Juha reckons there must have been smoke in the sauna which gave us all a headache (draw your own conclusions!)
While we were there we had a sauna and then swam in the lake (you wouldn't go in without getting steaming hot first!) We went rowing and Damon went fishing with the kids. Damon got on very well with all the other kids their even though no one much could or would (if they could) speak English and Damon ,of course, does not speak Finnish. We were also given a very fine concert on an accordion by Matti (Marjo's Dad). If I ever work out how to load it I will give you a snippet that Brian recorded on his mobile. Their were many children there as Marjo's sister and her family also came. It is a great example of a wonderful family lifestyle.

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