Sunday, March 2, 2008

Carried away...

Phew... yesterday was AGM, Management Meeting and Dancing Beijing Award day... what a big day at Quilters... exhausted last night!

Today I had planned to participate in the Peak to Park but was too tired to get out of bed as early as required, maybe next year?

So anyway I looked through the skirt sewing stuff and prepared the pattern for the second skirt I bought (oops!) This is the pattern for the second skirt I plan to make.

I fell in love with this fabric in the shop and had to have it! However one of the other class participants gazumped me on the day and I could not bring myself to make the same skirt with the same fabric as another person, so went back and got this fabric the next day and bought another pattern.

I am not making the variation with the gathered skirt but the other one - not sure what the style is called! Anyway I am hoping it will cement the lessons in my mind by doing another skirt at the same time... plus I will end up with two yummy skirts (that's the plan anyway... we will see how it goes!)

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  1. SCRUMMY fabric, I can see why you went back! (And what are the odds of you both wearing it in the same place at the same time anyway?!)
    Nice pattern, too. You GO, Sue!


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