Friday, March 14, 2008

An early start

Now that Sean is working, the only drawback is that he has to be at work by 7:30am. Sometimes Brian needs to go into work this early, but sometimes he would like to go to Gym before work, so I have been sucked into dropping Sean off... which means getting up and getting dressed early - I think it is more the getting dressed part - I love lounging around in my PJ's in the morning, puddling about and drinking cups of tea. Sean is starting to realise what a pain it is to be dependent on us for lifts though, as he had to wait for me yesterday afternoon as I was in my sewing class when he finished work. He could ride his bike or walk, but as he is still getting used to the new routine I feel a bit mean to insist he does that. Also as the seasons change, the sun is going to come up later & later. He can take the bus home but (of course) he tells us he hasn't enough cash for that! The joys! One good thing is that so far he is getting himself up & organised, so I don't have to be the ogre behind the door waking him up.
Just checked my eBay - lots of watchers, no bids. I hate that as having lots of watchers means nothing until they place a bid. Why would you not bid on an item marked at 99c and 50c postage? What have you got to lose?
I enjoyed my sewing class yesterday but had heaps of frustrations trying to use top-stitching thread in my Bernina. I didn't expect to have problems as all the other threads I have sewn with have been fine. After very frustrating interactions with Sew Handy (not!), I found out you have to crawl at the slowest speed on the machine and lengthen the stitch length to above 4. Now they could have told us these things on the phone, but no, we (Felicity from Gardams & I) were treated like pond scum while it was explained to us how very stupid we were and I was forced to carry my machine back to the shop to be told to increase stitch length to 4 and run on the slowest stitching speed. At least by then she was a bit more polite, after all I did spend $2500 in their shop - however in the scheme of the expensive machines they sell, I think they think that is nothing much! They were quite rude to Felicity however and you would think it would be in their best interests for a sewing machine shop to foster a good relationship with a fabric shop, when so close together! Duh?
I can't wait to get back to sewing my skirts. Felicity gave a very clear demonstration on how to sew an invisible zip and I am chaffing at the bit to try it. However gym & work call today, strip party tomorrow... last night we went out for dinner to celebrate Sean having a job and he was quite happy & talkative even though he had dramas with his mobile phone earlier and had acted like the world as we know it was at an end! However we sorted all that, and I lent him my phone until his is working again and he was all smiles... now he owes me, but he hasn't thought that through yet... perhaps vacuuming might be on the agenda?


  1. BLOODY HELL, what a typical Toowoomba business experience? I think I shall refer to them as "Sew BLOODY RUDE!" from now on - I know you're not alone in this treatment. (And I really should investigate if what they're doing charging customers to use EFTPOS is even legal...)

    Makes us appreciate all the more just how different Gardam's is - a store where they actually LOOK AFTER their customers, fancy that!

    Were you using a big enough needle for the thread, btw? I'm sure you were, it's just that's the first thing I always change to topstitch...

    I guess we might see yoyur new skirt on Tuesday, then? (tongue firmly in cheek!)

  2. Caity - I was using a metafil needle, then a No 14 topstitch which they sold to Felicity, then the last time I went in I bought No 16 topstitch - at huge cost because it has zillions of needles in the packet, but I was so frustrated by then to try and get it working that I went with it. However I have since then successfully top stitched my seams... yay?


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