Wednesday, March 12, 2008


I have finished the dress. Mr D took this photo so I look a bit austere in it as he doesn't give warning when he is going to snap - of course Coco had to be in the photo also. I can't believe how much I am looking like my Mum and like my Grandma!

I have had such a quiet day today as I didn't need to go to work and Sean has been out all day at his first day of work. He is going to be a tired little chicken tonight! I have spent the day preparing for the Strip party, hemming the dress and listing some items on eBay - I didn't know when I was going to get around to that, but with no-one else hogging the computer all day I have been able to get it done. I am trying the SS challenge to sell 10 unused items and make $100. I have listed about 6 items but they are all small things so I think I will be lucky if I make $10. Anyway I will keep decluttering and try more items if these do alright.
I am quite happy with the dress - the sizing is right. The only problem is that the neckline drops below the scar I received when I had a BCC cut out last November. Never mind - I may have to do as Di did in a similar situation and find a necklace with a dohickey on it which will help cover the scar!


  1. I LOVE THE DRESS!! Not a good likeness of you, though - darn it, why can't the Misters give us some warning?!

    How did you end up hemming the dress?

    And what fabric will you make it up in next?

    And what's your ebay ID in case you have something going I HAVE to have?

    My old Burnese, Moet, used to have to be in every photo too - as soon as a camera was about, she'd pose.

    I have yet to cut my strips - better get cracking on those!

  2. Sue, you should be really proud of this dress! Good job and as I said, I just love that fabric! Actually, my black/grey pendant would go really well. It is almost worn out though, it seems to go with everything. Good luck to Sean too - a new stage in his life. See you Sat

  3. Caity - Thanks! I ended up just overlocking (with sewing machine stitch) and then hand stitching the hem. I was worried it would show but I managed to make the stitches tiny enough so it worked. I wouldn't mind making the other version for summer but in more summery colours (read bright). eBay id is quiltsewsewsue (go figure?). With your lovely long hair I was considering offering you the green/purple head wrap thingy, but listed it while I was doing all the others. If it doesn't sell, I will see if you might like to have it, if you wear headband-type thingys. I bought it when my hair was longer, never used it, then had my hair cut shorter, so it is very unlikely I will ever use it. P.S. dont bid on the shadow applique book - not your thing... Happy stripping!

  4. Thank you Di - I am doing another class at Gardams today and should be learning to do an invisible zip, so will have my skirts finished soon.


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