Monday, March 3, 2008

No spend March

Well I have been a member of the Simple Savings website for ages and have put some of their tips into practice but as Hubby and I have totally over committed ourselves by planning a trip this year (right after a trip last year) we have decided to do a No Spend March. No unnecesarry spending - essentials only... hummmm.... I have agreed to meet for coffee at lunch time today with some other committee members to coordinate the calender of events for this year with our new Workshop Coordinator... not off to a good start. The wine rack is also empty - is wine a neccessity? At 6:00pm when I am preparing dinner it certainly feels like it - this will be interesting!
I am also planning to buy a magazine but will use my little quilting/sanity account money for that. I have decided I can't live without the latest Vogue Pattern magazine which has an article on how to dress for your body type!

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  1. Good on yer, Sue! I keep living beyond my means and getting myself into all sorts of trouble - gotta scale ack on the "un-necessary" stuff too.... it's HARD!


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