Sunday, March 16, 2008

Snow Fall in Toowoomba

If I was the editor of the Chronicle that is what I would have as tomorrow's headline. I can't stop the smug smile on my face today to see that not only did Snow not win but he was resoundedly told where to get off! Less than 8,000 votes - muhaw, haw, haw! It has absolutely made my day. The ones who voted him into Council last time on the poo water stand must have realised how bl***dy hopeless he really is! All that posturing and libelous statements and NO results - I am so glad that good sense prevailed. I would have been happy if either of the other two candidates got in, anybody is better than old Fabian! Yesterday's ad in the Chronicle run by Clive on behalf of Snow was worth a laugh. The picture of Clive was bigger than the picture of Snow... hmmmm, I wonder who Clive is really trying to promote. Snigger... let's hope that the rest of the Council will be worthy candidates also.

Strip party yesterday was heaps of fun. These are the blocks I have made so far:

It is really liberating, to not try and match colours,etc - even though I must admit occasionally a bit of that happens. I liked the blocks best which were random. A few people themed their colours - I did not really go for the 'brights' or the 'pastels' but understand what they were trying to achieve. I like the colours mixed and occasionally a bright goes in there and gives the block some sparkle (good word that 'sparkle'). For all that though, I did like Joan's green and blue colourway, Yvonne's random but with the same corner (end) strips on each block, and Di's light/dark variation.

Anyway I am going to get on with clothes sewing today. I am feeling 'Mother Earth' again and have already visited the local markets to get some free range eggs, vegetables and fruit and most importantly some of Aunty Vi's marmalade. I love her Seville Orange marmalade but was told that the seveille oranges are not ripe yet - they grow their own citrus and make the marmalade from that on an Orchard at Applethorpe (near Stanthorpe). The marmalade always has a perfect consistency and a lovely tang. Anyway I had to settle on Three Fruit marmalade today - its still lovely (on my home made bread). I have also made the Spicy Zucchini cake that my friend Fay provided the recipe for (using my own home grown zucchini), so the kitchen smells divine!

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  1. Sue, starting to look good. I do love the sparkles. No Snow - ho ho ho


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