Thursday, March 27, 2008

Favorite song of the mo...

I have had such an up and down day - I was looking forward to a quiet start to the day - walking the dog, putting on a load of washing.... lo & behold ... it's raining & pouring... soooo... plan B... have to go to work, buutttt how about I spend some time blogging and reading blogs before I go - get home from dropping Mr D at school - No 1 boy is on the computer - firmly ensconced! How I would love to stay home & sew but I have to get to work so I go.... all day at work - frustrations - lots of new guys ... lovely people but don't understand Autocad and why we have systems we work within... finish work at 4:45pm (after thinking I may get away with a short day)... grocery shop... come home... argue with hubby because something I want on the computer has been backed up onto an external drive which he has taken to the office - (why I am the last person considered in all this? - do I need to get my own computer? - obviously!)

Anyway now that I have that off my chest, my most favourite song of the moment is this one -(Put your records on). I heard it at my Body step class - the cool down/stretch track - had to find it (why do I feel I am typing like I am manic - perhaps because I am). Anyway tried to find it in itunes, however they don't have the real deal, so I have downloaded it from the Corrine Bailey Rae fan website .

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  1. HELL YES YOU NEED YOUR OWN COMPUTER!!! Get a laptop (but try and avoid Vista if you can, it's dreadfully slow and buggy - look around for a NEW one that comes with the older but MUCH more stable operating system Windows XP - my techy Mr Beloved says do it before June though.

    Seriously, for around $700 delivered you can even have a red one (!) with XP pro from Dell, that will do you for email, watching DVDs, running Electric Quilt,editing photos, etc. It won't have enough brainpower to run any CAD programs beyond the most basic, but hey, you have that to do all day at work anyway, yes?

    Hope tomorrow is better, sweetie. And I'm really looking forward to Saturday!


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