Saturday, March 29, 2008


Well, the girls & I went on a road trip today down the hill to Bris-vegas (yes, I know its corny!) to attend 2QAQ's first meeting. We had a great day! Di, Caity & I don't seem to run out of topics of serious discussion and we tried to educate Di today about the benefits of Paul McDermott's version of the "I'll throw my arms around you / kiss you in 4 places" song - (help me out Caity - you probably know it's proper name!) Anyway after visiting the Auchenflower shop, we ran out of time to have a proper 'latte and lunch' lunch and had to endure lunch at Greenslopes bowls Club, apart from the beer, not to be recommended! The meeting was really interesting and has inspired me back to quilting. I will definitely start on the journal quilting and think about the art quilt for the juried art quilt show. With an OS trip in the middle of the year, I find it hard to plan for something like this, but I feel it is the road I need to take! The fact that the show is juried is scary but good because it means you really need to challenge yourself. The people at the meeting were very welcoming and it was great to meet some new people, like Linda from the Netherlands and Suzie. Sue Dennis chaired the meeting and was very welcoming and very self-effacing (is that a word?) . My main memory about Sue Dennis is that she was chosen by my husband for Viewer's Choice at the Sunnybank Quilters Quilt Show over a year ago now. He was very taken with her rusty nails thang. I loved it as well but admit to choosing a quilt which showcased original 1930's fabric as my viewer's choice - I am not sure who won it.
I told hubby when I got home that he could take eldest son to his party of choice tonight as I had already driven to Brisbane & back today, but when said-son was read to go, the scrap-heap challenge was on TV, so he could not drag himself away - so I did the honours! It was funny as we had difficulty finding the house number in the dark, but the one we thought it was had balloons tied to the front gate, so we knew it was the right place. No-1-son would not allow me to tie balloons onto our front gate when he had his 18th! Then I had to deal with the 'is this Kenny's party?' enquiries when the party was on! - you've gottta laugh!!


  1. Hi Sue,

    It was lovely meeting you as well! Hope to see you again next time.


  2. It was fun - but now we know why the kitchen seemed surprised that we wanted to eat!

  3. I'm enjoying your blog, found it thru your friend Caity's blog. Will keep reading...keep up the good work. Yeah Paul McDermott has a sweet voice, but have you heard Mark Seymour(he wrote it)/Hunters & Collectors sing this, or Pearl Jam??? The difference? PASSION!Forget the 4 places, I've got about 165,000 places he could try.
    from Brisbane

  4. Nice to meet you brrmmmm - I do have about three versions of this song at the moment, one of them is Mark Seymour but I do get the shivers when Paul McDermott sings it...


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