Thursday, April 3, 2008

Just a rolling along...

Not had such a great couple of days - broke a tooth (and can't get into Dentist until the end of the month), have got a uti (if you don't know what it is, you don't need to know). At least I got into the Doctor's quickly and got some antibiotics. However I find that a Doctors appointment is magic for making me feel better...why do you always start feeling better while you are waiting to see the Doctor. Anyway the worst thing is, it is making me feel guilty as I have taken the day off work and I know there is stuff to be done there. I nearly had a bad accident at work yesterday running to the loo, so I don't need a repeat of that!
I just reread that & found a typo 'quilty' instead of 'guilty'! Freudian slip I suppose - however I am feeling guilty enough that I am finding it hard to do anything quilty today!

This is a photo of what I call a Japanese windflower which is flowering in my garden at the moment. I love this plant and thought I had lost it to the drought, so I am very happy to see it back - it must be tougher than it looks!

I am feeling a little better, so I am still planning to go to my Personal Training session today - I think I can hold off for half an hour betweeen visits to the loo. Anyway luckily I am trained by Gwen and she should be pretty understanding if I bolt in the middle of the session. I have already done one PT session this week. I am aiming for five weeks of two sessions a week instead of the usual one session. I am feeling the fittest I have felt for a long time and I want to capitalise on that and get as fit as I can before I take a 5-6 week break in the middle of the year when we go OS.
This week I have done - Monday - Pilates, Tuesday - Power Fit (weights/cardio class), Wednesday - PT session and Body step. Today I will do a PT session and tomorrow I hope to attend Kimax. Probably nothing will happen exercise-wise over the week-end.

I have a busy day on Saturday - TQ meeting and a lesson at Gardams in the afternoon. I have purchased a pattern and the fabric to make a jacket so I am going along to find out how to make it look professional, bound butoonholes, etc. Should be fun!

It's Caity's birthday today -Happy Birthday Caity!

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