Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Day off

I was very lucky today and was granted the day off work. I have done no sewing today - which I think I needed a break from - too much lately - need to get my mind clear!

I went to Gym this morning and my only point of interest is that today in our Bodystep class when we got to the push-ups I accomplished for the first time ever in a class - about four full pushups (on my toes) before dropping back to my knees! I have been thinking for a while I must be ready to give them a go and so I was quite happy with doing the few I did. Progress!

The rest of the day has been spent trying to declutter and tidy. This is the state of my filing!

The drawer which used to hold it all has finally broken beyond repair and I have purchased these plastic filing boxes for the files as they should fit in place of the drawer. But doing the tidy up is mind blowingly dull - I can see why it built up to a stage of breaking the drawer! It is very tempting to just move the files over but I am trying to get rid of the unnecessary stuff in them - horrible job but I will persist.

I have also been reading this book today which Caity lent me. It is keeping me absorbed and now I feel I must go and clear out my wardrobe and think a little about what I will buy in the future. I also did some Internet shopping and bought some camisoles from Ezibuy. I need some to wear under open/low cut tops to hide a scar on my chest. Also it will make them more suitable for the office! It should make me gamer to wear some of the new clothes I have made lately with v-necks. I have made an appointment to see a plastic surgeon to see if I can get the scar fixed but in the meantime I will try the cami's.

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