Thursday, April 10, 2008

Lubley, lubley day...

I had a great day - very relaxing and calming.

I had a great night last night at the Gardam's opening night/ VIP night. Also spent time with the girls at Swish and it still didn't disappoint! Great food, lovely wine.

Gardam's was also heaps of fun - lots of faces I knew - still a novelty to someone from Brisbane! Also great champers, music and food. Lots of lucky door prizes but my lucky streak was not working last night and I didn't win anything.... and on top of it all first pick at sale price fabric.... yummm!

Today hubby went to the Toowoomba Show to help the Toowoomba Photographic Society and to take photos so it was a quiet day for me (show holiday - yeah!)

I spent the day working on this pattern. The great thing is that the books arrived from Amazon through the week so I was able to refer to this whenever I wanted to check anything..... I know what ease-stitch is, but where exactly do you sew it, on the seam line, inside??? so it was great to have a reference to refresh with. I took it slowly and carefully and now have the bodice and sleeves done. The next step is to attach the waistband and skirt. I am really happy at how it is going.

It really does help to take care and be careful in the preparation of the pieces, to take care in the sewing and the marking - I feel like it is all coming together. Hopefully I will finish it this week-end and make a really successful dress!

At Gardam's I purchased a clapper and in conjunction with the tailor's ham, I have much more success with my sewing - pressing truly is the key! Like most people I dislike ironing and avoid it at best I can but I am learning that there is a difference to pressing compared to ironing has been a revelation. Having the right tools makes it heaps easier - and results in a professional finish!

I bought two fabrics last night. This one is a silk that I plan to make a top with.

The other fabric (which is impossible to photograph or scan) is a black jersey with a pattern of gold concentric circles. I have enough of that I may even make a dress from it perhaps the short sleeve version of this pattern.
Then at the end of the day I had a phone call form an old mate - Fi (not the one exactly on this web reference but keep reading - the WW leader!)- always great to talk to an old gold friend! (new friends are silver, old friends are gold...)

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  1. Gee Sue, thanks for telling us about "swish". I hadn't heard about it and it would be a great place to take our visitor on the next long weekend. sorry to miss Gardams opening night. Head has not been good! Feeling better today and yesterday and had a lovely sewing time on show holiday in the afternoon. Cheers


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