Saturday, April 19, 2008

Raffle Quilt again...

We had a sewing bee on the TQ raffle quilt today and had a successful day. Now, I am trying to be more positive than I have been in the last few blogs because I have got over the worst of the blahs and I feel my sense of humour is starting to return. But (yeah there is always a 'but'), why is there always one person ready to burst your balloon? The day went well with only minor dramas which we coped with and everyone seemed to be happy with the progress of the quilt. When we get to the end of the day - we lay out the rows we have and blurt - one of the club members has to make a negative comment about the quilt - why do they have to do that? You know, think it but don't say it! That person is very welcome to design and organise next year's raffle quilt but please at this late stage don't start criticising this one! You know if I was to make this design again I would make it slightly differently - the design can always be improved but please don't tell me what you think is wrong with this quilt - positive comments only please! My skin has got very thin lately and bruises easily!

Anyway the rant has abated and I can now show you the photos of what we accomplished today. We realised when we started to put it together that we were one 'sun' block short, but Yvonne did a great job and whipped up one more! The only other drama is that Sheila's glasses lost a screw and couldn't be repaired, so she was blinking like an owl and had to check if she was putting the right pieces together!!
This is the sun blocks combined with the flying geese - the first row in summer now done (oops - photo is up-side down!)
These are the first three rows of the quilt which represent summer - the first two rows are finished and the third row of heart blocks are made but need to be trimmed and the blocks joined.
The spring section has a row of Dresden plates in spring colours. Today some of the ladies embroidered the centre circles of the dresden plates -
This is the detail of the centre embroidery -

I think everyone did a great job and should be heartily pleased with today's effort!


  1. Sorry I missed the day, sue - I was not well :-(

    There's always BLOODY ONE, isn't there? ARRRGGGH!

    The quilt is looking WONDERFUL!

  2. The summer section looks real good Sue - Ignore all negative comments.
    Can't wait to see it all together!


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