Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The blahs...

I am feeling very blah the last day or so...blagghhh! I know this too will pass (and I am madly ingesting evening primrose oil to try and aid it!)

TQ was fun today but even that had moments of blah as well! I feel like I have taken on more than I can chew this year (you know the old 'bite off more than you can chew, then chew like mad!') However amid much discussion on upcoming events I was strong and said no to organising a club event that I had no part in setting up. I think those who tell people we will do these things - can take on the organisation - I certainly don't feel like I need any more to do! Anyway I still feel guilty as it only means it will get passed onto some other busy person who already does much for the club - it's not really right is it? Do you find there are people who tell you they want to help but only on the fourth Thursday of the month and so long as it does not involve the colour orange! Get real people - either help or don't but don't add a million provisos and make it even more work for others to organise your 'help'! Anyway I must be feeling blah as I had not planned to rant so today.

I took this photo of my cushion covers hanging on the washing line. I took the photo because they looked so happy flapping on the line in the nice autumn sunshine! It also made me smile because now I don't have to look at them looking filthy and thinking when will I get around to washing those covers? ... like I have been for the last four weeks! I don't know why things seem so overwhelming sometimes.
I finished this dress yesterday so that is good. I am not starting anything new until I finish the table runner I started ages ago. I have the backing fabric and thread to quilt it with so have no excuse to finish it. It will give me permission to be excited about our upcoming trip as I am making it for a gift. I hope I have enough energy to make some more gifts as I would prefer not to purchase gifts for my family as making them something would be so much more preferable and pleasurable!

I started thinking about a new quilt last night in the middle of the night. I am really interested in all things vintage and how woman used to live so that is going to be the theme for this quilt. That's probably all I can say about it for now as this quilt will only be a thought in my journal for the next while. But while it is still a thought it means I don't have to be anxious to finish it. Plus it is pleasurable to think about this quilt and what I am going to use to make it, etc. It is like a soft quilt in my mind that makes me feel happy even though nothing exists of it yet. *sigh*
A few things have pointed me in this direction, including the starting of sewing clothes again. Sewing clothes has lead back to my interest in vintage clothes. I remembered this pattern which I bought at an op shop while in second year at university.
I loved this pattern - I should have made it then - I would have stood more chance of fitting into it. Anyway I think I will still make it one day. (that should be pronounced as one word i.e. 'one day' = 'wuuunday'... it is very overused in my vocabulary).

Don't the ladies look happy on the pattern cover? Who is the lady waving at... perhaps her beau is in the crowd at the function she is attending? Where does one go, that you wear short brown gloves? These and other deep and meaningful stuff passing through my mind...and all the other things you didn't want to know about me...


  1. So sorry you are feeling blah, sweetie! (I wonder if the changing seasons contribute?)

    It is frustrating that the same small group of people seem to be called upon to do it ALL, no matter what group is involved.

    The little red hen ends up doing it all - wait, wait, that wasn't meant to be the moral of that story, was it?!

    Happy washing picture, that! (And reminds me I must do likewise - the dog prefers the most embroidered cushion as her own, of course.)

    GREAT DRESS! I think it will look smashing on, too, very flattering.

    Some quilts take a long time to filter through thoughts/journal/drawings/stash - it will come when the time is right. Sounds interesting., and you get to do some cool research along the way, too.

    Wuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuunday - yep! That's when most of my projects are currently scheduled.

    I don't know where the pattern lady is going that she needed short brown gloves - I just wish I could find some (that fit my monster paws, hmmm. Not easy.) It's a fabulous pattern - though I'm VERY glad that unless you are a certain About-to-be-GG, we don't need bouffant 'dos these days!

  2. It is comforting to dream about quilts just as it is to snuggle under them, so dream on baby. Remember too, quilting forever - housework never. Although, I do understand we must launder our cushion covers from time to time (after cat/dog uses them or greasy haired male persons). They do look cheerful on the line.


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