Thursday, March 6, 2008

Second Class

Today we had our second lesson on skirt making and got to pin on the pattern and work out how to make it fit to us. We also cut out the fabric and the lining fabric. Next week onto the machine! I also got some advice on the other skirt I am making so can't wait for the week-end to cut that one out. Toooo tired tonight to think about it. Busy day tomorrow also.

On the frugal front the month is not off to a great start - the vacuum cleaner refuses to go, so it will probably mean a visit to the vacuum cleaner shop this week-end. I have also completely run out of moisturisers -- eek! -- how's a girl to cope! I will need to go and buy those also. The only good note is I did see some I like on special at the Health Food shop the other day. However I have been resisting buying coffees and lunches on the whole (bought my lunch today as I could not stand the thought of another lunch of lentil soup - nice at it is). On the wine front - the down side is we have had some most nights - up-side they have some really nice clean skin reds at Uncle Dan's at the moment for $4 a bottle.

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