Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Fruit & veg

I had a good day - make it excellent! While at Quilters having a lovely time, No 1 son (no 1 in birth order - both are great boys!) called to say he had been offered a job and needed to go down & meet the people at his workplace that afternoon. Now, it is just in fruit & veg retail but for a good local company in a great location (ie close to my & Hubby's work place ) and it is his first ever job (except for being a portrait model, which apart from being able to sit still doesn't require a lot of skill!) It will be good for him on so many levels - the routine will be great - it is a casual position which means the same start time every day but finish anytime in the afternoon - but that is so much better than the sleep to late, play x-box routine! Plus a great morale booster - he is a great kid and even though I am biased (totally) I have actually been taken aside by two separate art tutors who have made the effort to tell me what a great person he is. So it is validation for him that an employer has seen the potential in him also. (***Spit noises to TCC who couldn't see it *****) The other good thing is that it starts tomorrow so there is no sitting around waiting for the job to start. Yeeaaay!!! he has started on his working life/ independent journey and I am so pleased for him!
I did end up leaving Quilters earlier than I had planned, but all for a good cause. Anyway to partake of the strip party this week-end I needed to purchase some batting, so I was able to do that while up town. I have also started preparing the fabric I needed this afternoon as I work the next couple of days and was thinking I would not be able to get myself organised, leaving early has given me the opportunity to start preparing .

Quilters was also a great time to pick some sewers brains. We have some terrific clothes-sewers ('clothes -sewers' is a total understatement - couturiers to super experienced people who are able to take on challenging outfits). I have made this pattern up in this fabric, which is a lovely slinky jersey-type fabric, but I wasn't sure how to tackle the hem. Good to be able to pick some brains - I have some ideas now. (PS I made the longer-sleeved, cowl (spelling?) neck variation)


  1. Where did you get that gorgeous fabric? Was it easy to sew? You are going great guns with this sewing thing.

  2. Di - Gardams - need I say more - it was slinky and stretchy but I used the right needle (recommended by Gardams) and was fine with it.



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