Thursday, February 28, 2008

Learning to sew clothes... properly!

I went to my first lesson today to learn (properly) how to sew clothes. The only training I have had is in Grade 8 at school, where I felt I didn't learn a lot. I made a lot of clothes when I was younger and also for the kids when they were babies, but lost interest when I no longer could just buy a pattern, cut, sew and have it fit. Patterns have changed a bit and also body size does not fit nicely into their standard sizes any more, so I was lost and gave up. My interest in sewing has been renewed (and re-energised) with becoming a quilter so now I feel it is time to learn to sew clothes with confidence.
Our new Gardams store offered a refresher/beginner class so that is what I have joined and we are making a skirt. We have learnt how to measure ourselves and which measurements to use for which types of patterns - a revelation! Also the best tip today - iron the tissue pattern pieces to iron-on interfacing so that they are easier to handle and pin - and to use them to try on for size (next week's class)! I am making variation A of the skirt in this fabric, ready for Winter.


  1. WOO HOOO! Good for you, Sue! And it looks like a great pattern to learn on, lots of options.

    So, can I lend you some of my Threads magazine collection sometime now that you do clothes? *evil grin*

    I trace all my patterns off onto interfacing (non fusible) because I change sizes.... and because I'm so big I know I always have to do a lot of alterations. And I hate doing it - which is the main reason I hardly ever sew for myself!

    Aren't the girls at Gardams just THE BEST?!

  2. Caity - we did discuss tracing the pattern off as well and have traced the other half of the patterns (so to speak) on to interfacing so we can pin them and check the sizing. Soo good - to go through this in so much detail - something I have never learnt before. Don't tell me altering is a lot of trouble though as I still need to alter the pattern to fit! Felicity is terrific and so knowledgeable, Nettie lovely and yesterday James (son of Mr & Mrs Gardams) was in the store and served me - it was a bit like meeting fabric royalty!

  3. Altering is not a problem until you get to boobage and princess seams - panic not! even then it's all just following a series of steps one at a time. fiddly, but not difficult.

    I just love the way that the Gardams family are so involved in the stores- I would have been all start struck and babbling!

  4. I came across your blog after a google search for "learn to sew in toowoomba". Was the class you did in Toowoomba? I could only find it in Brisbane

    1. Felicity from 'For Frock's Sake' used to teach clothes sewing classes locally. I don't believe she is doing them anymore but you could try asking her. A link to her site is on my side bar.


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