Sunday, February 17, 2008


Have had a terrific week-end - a day at Toowoomba Quilters yesterday and Sunday ...sigh... I love Sundays! A morning pottering in the kitchen and the 'kitchen garden'. Made delicious choc-raspberry muffins - I use greaseproof paper as a muffin case as I have run out of muffin cases, but I like the rustic look! This was my own made-up variation on my usual recipe, so I was very proud it worked and was delish! I also picked tomatoes from our own garden. I was going to make a roast tomato sauce, but it will have to wait for Monday as I did not really have enough time to finish it before we went out. I also mixed up some yogurt (easiyo) which I love! So I felt very Mother Earth, especialy as I was wearing my beautiful brown and cream modern/retro apron made by Joan B from Toowoomba Quilters. I bought it last year at the Sales table at our Quilt Show and I love using it! I have also taken a photo of the beautiful pink gerbera my hubby grew for me in some pots which sit at the back door but have been barren pots of dirt until now (courtesy of the drought).

After a yummy lunch of Finn-crisp and boiled eggs, cheese, gerkins and the muffins with a coffee, we drove to Clifton for the Toowomba Photographic Club outing (Hubby is pres) & what a great time I had! We went to the Clifton Movie Theatre which is a really old movie theater they open for groups to use just mainly to fund it to keep it alive. The theatre is the blue building in the photo and it has the old canvas chairs.

It has the couples seats at the sides (my youngest son, Mr D, attempting to look relaxed while I take his photo in these seats) and in the middle canvas single seats like built-in directors chairs with swivel backs - suprisingly comfortable.

The floor is sloped and the seats offset so even the tallest guy in the club (probably the tallest person I have ever met) sat in front of me and it didn't matter, I could still see the show.

They don't use the old projection equiptment (it is all preserved and you can see it) but use a DVD projector to show old movies (I don't think they can get the bits they need to keep the old projection equipment working). We watched a Tom & Jerry funny then the main feature was 'Sahara' with Humphrey Bogart. A Humphrey Bogart movie I have not seen before but thoroughly enjoyed - a war movie but still thoroughly enjoyable - all of us Mr D (15yo) Hubby & I all enjoyed it! Then a luscious (home made) afternoon tea and a chance to see the projector room. Then we moved onto the photography part which was a visit to the Condamine River outside of Clifton to take photos until dusk. Their was the most water running in it that I have seen since I moved to this area. We also saw a beautiful ranibow (a full one) with screeching galahs - great! However the bestest part there was a collectibles store at Clifton and I finally found a great Stetson hat which I purchased for the princely sum of $15. Everytime I am in an op shop I look for this kind of thing, but this was the classic hat! There was a pile of other things I would have liked to buy - kookaburra ashtray (broken beak - but only $3 - why didn't I pick it up?) An old iron ( the type you heat on the stove) - a singer treadle table - no machine... etc A great spot to stop if you are in Clifton. The sunflowers were also out but I dodn't get a chance to take photos - hope to next week-end as we may be going out to Rudd's Pub some time.

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