Friday, February 22, 2008

Beware Wonder Under!

I sent away for this pattern and on Wednesday arvo, had the opportunity to fondle fabric at the LQS to buy the bits and pieces I didn't have. I had a not so great day at work, so it does the soul good to walk into the Quilt Shop and choose fabrics. I also purchased some Wonder Under (made by Pellon). Fresh off a brand new roll and I took it home and started straight away as the fabric was calling me! After I had traced the whole blooming design - hundreds of pieces - the webbing fell off the whole back! Not happy Jan! The next day the Quilt Shop were very helpful and apologetic - swapped it for another style of fusible stuff. However this particular store (my favorite) has one assistant who irks me and who I try to avoid, however she still had to get her two cents worth in! As we were looking at the problem, she suggested I put some baking paper over it and iron it back on - OK short term fix - once I cut out all the hundreds of little pieces it is highly likely the webbing will do the same again or the paper if I actually manage to get it fused to the fabric! Then still managed to make a snide remark about 'have to keep the customer happy!' like it's a bad thing!

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  1. OMG you have to tell me which shop, LOL!

    I peel off the paper on purpose - sounds nutso but it works for me! I'll show you how I do it on Tuesday?

    That pattern is YUM though!


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