Saturday, February 9, 2008

On Tenterhooks

Sean (eldest boy) has managed to score an interview for the ideal job. He applied in Dcember and got the call on Monday to come in for an interview. I thought they must have already finalised it but I should not have over-estimated the Council! Anyway we were so excited he had an interview, now we are on tenterhooks waiting for the yeah-or-nay call. I thought they might have called Friday but it was not to be, now we will have to live through the week-end trying not to think about it! I bought him a new outfit to wear (as most of his trousers are all too large for him) and he looked great - the young man-about-town. If wishing counts ...I have heaps of my friends keeping their fingers crossed for him.
Sewing-wise it has been a very dry week. I had a day out on Monday to the Movies with my gal-pals from the Club. We had a lovely time and I got the much needed dose of oestrogen. I would recommend 27 Dresses as a great chick-flick - a must see on DVD to at least see all the crazy Bridesmaid frocks and see some of the great clothes Katherine Heigel (spelling?) wears. A beautiful Audrey Hepburn style piece at the party towards the end. So that was Monday, Tuesday was TQ - social stitching day. Wednesday, Thursday & Friday were a blur of working or going to gym. I did a Personal Training session on Thursday & my legs still haven't forgiven me!
Today we are driving down to the big smoke to see the Andy Warhol exhibition. I plan to stop at the Auchenflower Quilt Shop to see if I can pick up some beads or dangly bits for my challenge quilt.
I MUST bind it this week-end and finish the quilting I un-picked - tomorrow's job! I will try and put up a photo then if I can get one. ( I have found it hard to photograph so far.)

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  1. So, what will we see as the next movie? I reckon once a month could be a good thing.

    Whadidja get at the shop?


    I'm up to binding too - except I'm not sure about how I'm binding it - maybe a facing?


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