Sunday, February 10, 2008

Dragons and Andy Warhol

Yesterday we had a terrific day - went to Brisbane to see the Andy Warhol exhibition. Stopped at the Auchenflower quilt shop - however, could not browse for too long as the boys were waiting outside (we need to do that road trip, Caity!) Then we moved onto South Bank and had lunch at San Marco Cafe - lovely - saw dragon boats on the river - is that a sign for my quilt?
Enjoyed the Andy Warhol exhibition very much - see tourist shot of me outside. (I can be a tourist in Brisbane now we don't live there any more!) I also saw some storm lillies which only flower after it rains. I am sure I used to have some in my garden, but they must have perished in the drought. I will have to try and get some more, but I am not sure what their real name is.

After returning to Toowoomba, one boy rode into the sunset to sleep-over at a mate's house, and I dropped the other at a party, where he also was staying the night. Sooooo... Hubby and I took the opportunity presented to go out and try the new wine bar in town called Swish. Had terrific tapas, great service and lovely wines - highly recommend it - but note to self, next time make a booking as it seems very popular.
Today I have been working on the challenge quilt. Up to the binding ... yeah!!! I have included a photo of the dragon's face which is the best shot I have managed so far. I am happy with it, but if I were to critique it I would say it does not have enough of a focal point. Anyway it will be interesting to see other people's reactions to it.


  1. WOW! I LOVE your use of complementary colours - and how did you do that dragon? It looks AWESOME! I can't wait to see it In Real Life, that sparkly thread must be a bugger to photograph. Tuesday?

    Yes, we need a road trip - nothing worse than having impatient family lurking about a quilt shop!

    I think the girls at Gardam's were rather keen on that new tapas place, too. I don't think I've seen where it is yet. Good to hear that the place is orright. (and wireless! WOOOHOO! I foresee a meeting of the club EQ users might have to happen there....)

    Warhol just doesn't float my boat. I can see the importance of his work in an art history sense, but it just leaves me flat. That said, I could happily listen to "Songs for Drella" over and over again - oh wait, I do!

    For me Warhol's influence on others will be his legacy, not the art he initiated himself (I was going to say "he produced", but that's not really how he worked for most of the time, is it?!)

    That said - I ADORE the GOMA! Especially the shop - art books are my big big weakness...although I suppose I should consider them as resources, rather than indulgences.

  2. Caity - I would say I wouldn't recommend the exhibition if you are luke warm on Andy Warhol's art. It was expensive to get in and their was a lot of people to peer through (especitally being a week-end). I most enjoyed looking at some of his private stuff on display - letters, invitations to Studio 54, etc as well as some of his later works that I am not familiar with. It was a good 'family' excursion as both the boys were interested to see it. However I got just as much pleasure looking at the 'free' exhibitions. We didn't go in to the book store - I am surprised Sean did not push for us to go there. We did look at the 'Andy Warhol supermarket' but the items were hideously overpriced. See you Tuesday...

  3. PS Caity - Swish is next door to 'Sew Handy' - makes it's signage, etc look realy shabby now!

  4. *snort* like Sew Useless needed help to look shabby!

  5. er girls...I enjoyed hte A Warhol exhibition, saw it on a very quiet MOnday arvo and thought, This man is seriously weird, but fun never the less. Thought the movies were completely off the wall. But I appreciated the color, teh effects of eht color and the repetition of the color.....but wouldn't want to hang it on my wall.
    And count me in for the road trip to Auchenflower, if you were thinking of a car load of intrepid quilters. I am sure there are others of like mind.
    Love your colors and dragon. can't wait to see these quilts.

  6. Anonymous you are welcome on the car trip - but you might need to let me know who you are....


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