Monday, February 25, 2008

Toowoomba rain

After the really warm, sunny week-end we had, I woke up this morning to see the cloudy fog all around the house and drizzle. Best of all, it has continued to rain lightly.
The birds (maggies and a currawong) take refuge from the rain under our back veranda. In the morning there were about 5 there, eating the dog's food (that he didn't finish last night). They annoy my hubby because they poop on everything and peck the oddest things. They love to pull the coconut fibre out of the linings of the hanging baskets. The rain also brought out the fragrance of the Mock Orange which has started flowering in the front yard - divine. I do believe the next door neighbour also has a jasmine flowering at the moment as well - pity I can't put smells on the blog!
Sadly, my eldest son has finally heard that he did not get the great traineeship position he was interviewed for. Anyway, now that he knows for sure it has freed him up to look for another position. He has already rung about a job in a pub which was just advertised - so I was quite pleased as he did that under his own steam... a good sign as it is such a hard thing to do.
I should be continuing with the free motion stitching on the runner, but I only feel like drinking numerous cups of tea and reading magazines, while listening to the rain... I even have my ugg boots on as it has got so cool!

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