Monday, September 22, 2008

Little Summer Skirt

I made another skirt with Simplicity 4138. The previous one was made in a cream crepe-type fabric and I have been looking for a pretty floaty fabric to make another one.

I found an inexpensive fabric at Mass fabrics (oops Make it Fabrics - been in Toowoomba long enough I am hanging on to the old shop name) which I assume is a poly but very pretty. I bought a nice cream cotton for a lining and made this pretty little summer skirt.

I used the rolled hem on my overlocker for the first time and was very happy with it. this is the finished result.

The rolled hem on the cotton was easy and went on beautifully. The poly was not so simple. I had to keep the tension on the fabric being fed in and coming out to get a good hem. Otherwise this happened. It happened a few times before I caught on to what was going on. So the skirt got shorter and shorter as I tried to get the perfect rolled hem.

I thought I had it licked but saw the above boo-boo when I was wearing the skirt today. I think I will try and hand sew this glitch some how. Its a pretty little skirt but probably won't live beyond this one season.

I also realise I need to practice my rolled hem before I try it on a more expensive floaty fabric!

You can't see it well in the photo but I am wearing my new summer sandals in pink and brown - it is amazing how many things a pair of pink sandals go with!


  1. LOVE the skirt! Really good length and style, very flattering.

    Annoying about the rolled hem on the floaty fabric - I wonder if a strip of water soluble stabiliser stitched in would help? I reckon that would give the edge of the foot slightly more to grab onto for better stitch formation.

    And very cute sandals - woohoo!

  2. Your skirt looks terrific. I like the idea of cotton lining, it must be beautifully cool.


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