Thursday, September 18, 2008

New dog

Dog has lost his winter coat. This is him before his haircut. I think he looks like Grover off Sesame Street around his mouth. And this is him after.

He is so excited after his haircut that it is difficult to get a good photo. He is all energised and renewed after a haircut! The worst thing is that just as I was going to put his collar and leash on to take him to the groomers, I noticed a terrible smell. It was the dog. He had gone and rolled in something super gross 5 minutes before we had to go. He smelt so manky I had to put a towel underneath him in the car and drive there with the windows open! It was really embarrassing to walk in with him so fragrant! Anyway they were very nice about it and even washed his collar for me.

I made a replacement for my favorite T-shirt form the Hot Patterns T-shirt pattern.

I am not jumping with joy with this pattern. It is OK but the main issue is that it is too short. Obviously I should have measured it before I made it. I do consider this shirt a wearable muslin though so made it directly form the pattern. I used a cotton interlock from Spotlight which has a nice feel but only cost about $7/ metre. I will still use this top but when I make more I will definitely make the top about 2" longer.

Review is here.

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  1. Wow, that shirt really is short! Nice neckline and sleeve length though (And I love that skirt!)

    Speaking of reeking dogs - Connie ate CAT POO the other night - OMG, foul! She was banished to the laundry...

    Cosmo looks like a whole new dog, skinny fellow, under all that fur!


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