Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Shopping the blahs away...

I have been feeling a bit blah so asked Caity to spend a girly shopping day with me today. We had a really great day and successful too! Of course we ended up at Gardams where Caity bought the most gorgeous fabric and pattern for a 'frock-up' high tea we have been invited to. I also decided I needed a new frock so decided to use a pattern I had bought previously M5039:

And bought this silk fabric to make it with. I also bought some Jap Silk (I think that is what Nettie called it) in a beautiful green to make a slip with to go under the silk as it is a bit diaphanous.

Caity, luckily provided the slip pattern from her pattern as she doesn't need it for the version of her dress. So I am now all set! Nearly... I didn't have the pattern with me and as this pattern is not available in Australia (and therefore not in the shop) I had to phone home to find out how much fabric to buy. I have these details in a little book in which I keep a picture of my patterns along with fabric amounts. I managed to direct my youngest to find the book but he could not find the 'dress' section as I had it listed in my book as 'frocks'! That's boys for you. Anyway I didn't know what notions I needed so will have to pick up a zip and some elastic.

I do plan to make a pair of shorts also this week as I am going camping for a few days at the end of next week. I am hoping to be in sewing heaven for the next few days as I don't have to work (hopefully!) Yippee - blahs are banished for now!!!!


  1. You will look fabulous at your high tea in that gorgeous silk. Have fun sewing.

  2. I can't WAIT to see that dress! The fabric pairs so perfectly with the pattern. Awesome!

  3. So jealous that you're heading into summer! I think I need to live six months in the northern hemisphere and six in the southern, or else just move to the equator so I can have lovely warm weather year-round. That dress/frock will be beautiful!


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