Sunday, September 7, 2008

Happy Fathers Day and fabric shopping...

Happy Father's Day to all the Dad's and I hope everyone is having a pleasant, relaxing day today! I cooked the father of my children a special breakfast this morning. Each egg was a double yolker - so I had to take a photo! I do buy free range eggs as I refuse to support the caged bird industry, but I don't know what happened to get four double-yolkers!

I have made some clothes lately and used some stash up but I still seem to buy more than I use. These are this week's purchases. The first one on the left is a linen I plan to make a wrap-around skirt from. The yellow jersey is intended for yet another jalie twist top and the dark fabric on the end is a black'ish denim I plan to make shorts from. Well they are getting washed now and I have to start tracing some patterns out.

Tell me how do I not get in to the viscous cycle of buying more fabric than I have time to sew? Oh well, I suppose the planning and playing with fabric is all part of the fun...


  1. AWESOME, you got the yellow you wanted! Well, the first piece, anyway! I am in lovelovelove with that linen, perfect for a wrap around skirt....

    Where do you buy your eggs?

  2. One guess - Betros (surprised?)

  3. Very surprised! Will have to look closer next time I go to shops (weeks away yet...)


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