Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Jalie Twist top

I bought some new fabric at Gardams this week for a Jalie Twist top and decided to make it up last week-end as well as make one up in some fabric I purchased earlier. These are fabulous tops - I have already worn the sleeveless version to work. The sleeveless version was made with the 'modesty panel' (that term always makes me want to giggle in a twittering kind of way) so I can use it for work. I had hoped to add the flounce, but realised the fabric had a right side and a wrong side. Oh well, I will have to find some more fabric to make up one with the flounce.
The only problem I found with this top is that the modesty panel slips down so I may have to tack it with a few stitches on the neck edge.
The fabric I bought from Gardams is what I call a "grrrrowl" fabric (or what Caity might call "footballer's wives") and so had I had to go the whole hog on this top and did not add the modesty panel. I made the three quarter sleeve version and found I needed the neck ties on the back to hold the shoulders on nicely. I didn't find I needed them for the sleeveless version so I left the ties off that one.

Hubby calls this my 'cougar' top and I had to ask him if that meant I had permission to go on the prowl for a boy toy. ... No reply

Pattern review is here but doesn't say much more than this post.


  1. My gosh, you're just WHIZZING these up! Both tops look great, well done!

  2. Both tops are PERFECT on you! Very well done!

  3. Great tops and really like the detail in the back of the cougar top.


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