Sunday, September 28, 2008

McCall's 5391 Fashion shots

Brian has a new flash for his camera, so I decided he could practice using it taking some photos of me (a rare occurrence!). I wanted a new avatar photo as well as some photos of the McCall's short 5391 that I have just finished. Here in Toowoomba it is Springtime and the town celebrates with a 'Carnival of Flowers' . We went to one of the parks and took lots of photos along with all the other tourists!
Here are a few shots of the shorts. Notice I am wearing my Burda wof top from this previous post.

As we are in drought and we cannot water as much here the gardens are not as extensive as they used to be. So to make up for this the Council encourages artists to display artworks in places where gardens would have been. There is a really interesting stainless steel sculpture in this particular park. It is a cube but it gives interesting reflections. Kids love it - which you can tell by all the sticky fingerprints, but so did I - here is my reflection in the cube...
More photos and details of the shorts can be found in my review of the pattern - here.

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