Friday, May 9, 2008

Too much work, not enough time for play...

I have worked everyday this week - not fun... my mind has fanciful images of all the things I want to sew dancing through it, but I have to keep drafting subdivision power conduits and details of how light fittings are attached to the roof of dongas.

I have ordered the patterns need for my SWAP, but today I was informed by Caity of a sale on McCall's patterns so I have purchased more patterns-
5464 - princess line dress/ jumper (smock I tell you!)
5039- empire line, simple looking dress with gathered top
5105 - daggy-looking T-shirt with many variations (with good reviews on

I thought that would plug some of the holes in my pattern collection. I like a good frock but am also a T-shirt & jeans girls so I thought they would be alright - anyway it should keep me out of trouble for a while.
I went shopping at Gardams (in my lunch break) to get the notions & lining I need to get B4188 finished.

This is a photo of a swatch of the fabric I am using (the black print with cherry blossoms) and the stuff I bought today - black buttons with gold trim, braid to make the loops to hold the buttons and the pink cotton batiste is for the lining - I thought the pink would be cute as there is touches of pink in the flowers & I was hoping it would be easier to work with than black. I suppose it means I will have to change threads in my machine but that is really not a big hassle.
I also picked up an issue of the latest Vogue magazine (latest for us Aussies anyway!) as Gardams seems to be one of the few places in town which stocks it... now I am just waiting on tenterhooks for Burda WOF 03/2008 to arrive at the newsagent!
Anyway , time to get off the computer and start reading the magazine...


  1. Ahhh, I'm SUCH an enabler - wicked, wicked Caity!

    I love your choices for the buttons, braid and lining - yes, pink would have been my choice - anything but black on black, arrrgh!

    Oooh, much in the Vogue mag? I'll probably lash out on it anyway, since I am such a magazine junkie.

  2. I don't think as much as last time in the Vogue - but I have only skimmed throught it so far. You are always welcome to take home my issue for a good read!


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