Sunday, May 4, 2008


This is my storyboard so far - not finished yet as you can see. Also this is like an ideal ... I make no pretence that I will get it all done. I travel on 8 July, so I have about two months.

I don't have much of a stash (for clothes fabrics - let's not get into quilting fabric!). So I haven't got fabrics noted for some of these as I need to purchase it still. I also need to get some more patterns so that is why there are options listed for some of the items. The jacket - no idea - I want a dead simple cardigan style preferably without buttons! I have not managed to track down anything yet. I was considering this cape - Vogue 8122 in View C, but I have decided that a jacket/cardigan would sit better over the tops, particularly the Burda WOF 119 with the sash at the collar.

I have started on the Burda WOF 119 (it is from Burda WOF 2-2008 - the site is so slow I will never find the link for it!) and have found it interesting so far. I am working in a silk I bought at the Gardams opening night. I don't think I have ever sewn with silk before but I prewashed it and watched a video on sewing with it so, so far it hasn't been too bad of an experience. The only additional thing I am doing over the advice I have had is using my walking foot! I have noticed a difference in the pattern to the line drawing though - the line drawing shows two ties hanging but you only end up with one - thankfully I have used this photo tutorial I found via Pattern It is a fabulous site! ( Fabulous is said as in ab fab - FFFaaaabbuulous) There are quite a few reviews of this pattern already but I am thinking of doing one as a learning exercise. I hope to finish the top tomorrow - a whole day off no planned activities.... except to sew...


  1. OMG! I love your storyboard - and that top for the cherry blossoms looks JUST RIGHT! I think you'd get more wear from a casual jacket/cardy than a cape, too. (Although the capes look rather smart...) What about Vogue 8436 - similar neckline to the blouse and not an overwhelming length? (but as the reviewer on PR said, you'd need to add pockets...)

    I've had problems with the Burda site today, too - but I thought it might have something to do with the big fibre optic cut that happened between NSW and QLD (that the police are even investigating!) - I'm really hoping that the new Burda WOF mags will be in this week.

    I've worked out where I went wrong on one of my unfinished skirts - but of course missed the shops so will have to wait til Tuesday.

    Hmmmm, maybe I can sew a new project tomorrow instead?!

  2. Caity - go for the new project - great oppurtuinity a whole day to sew....


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