Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I'm still here...

It has been a while since I last posted and I have done a lot - mainly gone to work (grizzle!)

I have finished S4138 in View F as part of my Finland Holiday SWAP. I had intended to make a more ruffly version but had problems with my overlocker ...grrr! I drew View B in the SWAP plan and then decided to make View F with the View H ruffle but ended up with plain old View F. It will probably be more usable as a plain skirt as I am still building up my wardrobe.

My overlocker refused to do a rolled hem nicely on the edge of the ruffle and the fabric (crepe/microfibre) didn't hem nicely into a small hem on the sewing machine, so I gave up on the ruffle. I also had problems with my iron that day, so now I have a new iron! You don't want to hear all the details but the skirt I thought I would "whip" up took a couple of days to finish. I had trouble with the hemming as well - did it twice and then only fixed the worst bits - I think that was the fabric I chose though & perhaps some inexperience! I tried pressing the bejeevers out of it but being a poly it wasn't going to comply - anyway at least I know the fabric is tough! After the cockroaches are the only ones crawling around the planet after the holocaust then they will find my skirt, still intact!

I also was delayed as I had to line the skirt. That again is probably my inexperience - assuming I wouldn't need a lining on a cream fabric. The lining also didn't hem as neatly as I would have liked but I added a bit of frippery in the form of lace. Ages ago I bought some 'vinatge' lace on ebay to use in crazy quilting but had some long lengths so decided it would be cute to use it this way. I really like it - it adds some femininity.

I wore it the day I finished it and even though there are some issues - waist band, hem, etc it is the most comfortable skirt to wear. Because of the width at the bottom of the skirt you can walk freely and climb in and out of cars - the waistband is soooo comfortable. However it did crease when I wore it so I need to wash and iron it before I can photograph it and then I will post a review on


  1. Photo photo photo! (no pressure, LOL!) I think your skirt looks fab, and the lace is a really pretty touch.

    How are you finding the new iron?

  2. I will photo photo photo the skirt but it is crushed from wearing it the other day so it is in the pile to be washed and possibly even ironed so that I can do it justice in a photo!

    The iron is good - I don't think it puts out as much steam as my old iron but I am pretty happy with it - I like the squirt water ahead feature!


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