Saturday, May 3, 2008

Day out at the show

Had another lovely day with Caity at the Stitches & Craft Show. We watched three separate fashion parades - see Caity's blog for more info on those. I wanted to show the lovely fabric I bought from the Japanese fabrics & beads stand.

The Japanese girls were lovely and when they told us to 'see the shiny man' to arrange payment for the fabric we just cracked up as they meant the bald'ish man who was sweating under the hot lights! They were really thrilled when Caity spoke in Japanese to them!

I also bought these trims. I have decided you buy trim first then match fabric to the trim as it is about impossible to do it the other way. Anyway some lovely use of trims in the fashion parade got me inspired to buy these.

When I got home I was overwhelmed with the epiphany that instead of randomly making items of clothes and then hoping I can wear them together that I should plan a SWAP - sewing with a porpoise (as Hubby puts it!) So I stayed up late researching the idea and started putting together a storyboard of ideas for a wardrobe to take on holiday to Finland this year. I will post it next when I finish getting my ideas together.

My puppy had a haircut on Thursday and is acting very strangely - maybe we brought home the wrong dog?

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  1. OMG, Cosmo looks so different!

    I'm so in love with that fabric of yours - just perfection! And what a great idea, to storyboard a SWAP for the Finland trip. I'm re-considering using that print I bought for a top.... hmmm. I really need to think about doing a SWAP set up, too!
    I had SUCH a good time yesterday!


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