Saturday, May 10, 2008

My first muslin

I have made my first muslin today of B4188. It is of View A and I didn't do the collar but I am wondering if I should have. Anyway here my mug shots...

I think it is working well enough. If anyone can spot something I should be looking for let me know - I hope to start cutting the real fabric tomorrow. At the back near the arms appears to be a pull but I am not sure I will fiddle with it - mainly because I wouldn't know what to do! Even though I am not hugely knowledgeable on fitting - at least I can see it fits - shoulder seams are good and the neck looks fine but I also learnt some in the making of the muslin as I made a heap of mistakes! I sewed the front pieces to the wrong sides for starters - then I did have some un-sewing to do on the princess seams and then if you look closely you can see I have one panel inside out - thank goodness it is just the muslin for sizing!
Anyway any tips would be appreciated before I cut into the real stuff!


  1. Hmmm I reckon you might need to cut the front just a smidge longer - that's a super quick fix instead of doing a FBA (which IMHO is a pain on princess seams, esp since it looks like such a minor adjustment - maybe an inch length to add at the most?)

    Also looks to me like there is a teeny bit of an issue across the back - but I'd have to go check my fit books to really know what's what about those wrinkles - if you're game, post this as a WIP and ask for help on PR, they know much more than I do!

  2. It has a lengthen/shorten line under the waist. Is that what you mean or do you think it needs lengthening up higher around the bust? I couldn't find anyting about the back in my fit book, maybe I should post it on patternreview - or I could make the view with darts not princess seams... lol!

  3. Ahh, just got out the FFRP book - I reckon the back wrinkles are saying "slightly sloping shoulders." Which the books says to fix by lowering the shoulder seamline and armhole a teeny bit - also tapering from that same slight lowering to zero at the front on the front princess seam part. Here, I'll stick the diagram up and send you a URL in a tic.

  4. To be honest, I'd do a very quick and dirty lengthen of the front by just adding tissue/muslin at the lengthen line to get the front sitting parallel with the floor, the way the back is. Or not bother - it's really not much of an adjustment needed, probably three quarters of an inch is my guesstimate from the photos.

    And besides - it's going to look so FABULOUS anyway, such a good match of pattern and fabric choice, that only really nit-picky sewists would ever notice - it's already a better fit than just about any RTW, yes?!

  5. Thanks for your help, Caity!


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