Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Storyboard Mark II

Caity & I spent the day choosing patterns to order (in between work, meals, TQ, etc). Caity is ordering them today so that hopefully we will save on postage and definitely save on the exorbitant price these patterns are to buy here! I have, since I have been home, been reviewing my storyboard. I would have probably better spent my time, actually cutting out a pattern, but never mind - the planning seems to be a real fun part of this.

I found a jacket pattern I liked today so I have added a jacket and I am thinking of using the fabric I already have - a brown/black small houndstooth print. I will still have to consider if it will work. It matches colourways but probably would look silly with the dress - but maybe that doesn't matter. Anyway someone with a better eye for colour may be consulted before I start cutting it out.

The only other thing I have just realised is that I have more of this fabric than I need for this jacket so I may be better off saving it for the jacket I had originally planned (Vogue 8124). Anyway I do love the simple line of the planned jacket for this SWAP so I will still make it but will work out the exact fabric as I go along - all the more reason to start checking out the fabric stores!

The jacket is part of this pattern. I was excited to note that the 'jumper' (that's what they call it - I would call it a smock) has trim on the hem and pocket, so maybe I can use some of the trim I bought at the fair. ...it could be karma....


  1. Wow. Nice.

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  2. Why would it look silly with the dress?

  3. Caity - mainly because of the type of pattern of the fabric might look strange with the herringbone, but I think I will think some more about what fabric to use...


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