Sunday, December 9, 2007

Sunday, lovely Sunday!

I am having a lovely day with my sewing. Yesterday we bought a shelving unit and Brian has put it in my sewing space (can't really call it a 'room') and shifted the other shelves. I have finally taken down the card table that was my main storage point and been able to organise (slightly better) the clutter that is my sewing stuff. This morning I even managed to have a look at what was inside some of the boxes under my bed and found one that I emptied because I knew I was never going to complete that project (Hetty Van Boven - Shadow applique - lovely idea - however, I found it highly painful to do!) If anyone is after the book about Shadow Applique I think I will put it on ebay soon. I also found another box which had the fabric which I had collected for a project which I have already finished. The project I finished is pictured here, called Spring Serenade. It is done in the style of a Ricky Timms Rhapsody quilt but is very small so I felt is was only a serenade! When I emptied the box of left over fabrics I found a piece of dyed fabric in the prefect shade of orange to go in my Dancing Beijing Challenge Quilt.
So now the rest of the day has been spent playing with the Challenge Quilt. I have cut out all the pieces - the only poo-bah so far is that I cut too much of two colors, now I have left over small blocks of those - what a waste - I should have counted it before cutting - that's what you get for being lazy!

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  1. Nice quilt! I haven't even THOUGHT about Dancing Beijing yet - I better get a wriggle on!


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