Thursday, December 6, 2007

Another one...

I have had a busy day (no work - Yippee!), so I have used the day to make some bikkies (cherry shortbread half dipped in chocolate) and to make another book cover as a gift.
This one is done in the style that Kathy taught in her class at Toowoomba Quilters. However I have not been able to keep it as random in shape as Kathy encouraged. I have done a garden theme for this and sewn a brass dragonfly charm over the top of the dragonfly applique on the front cover. Now that I have worked out how to cut them to make the book fit I have had much more success and less frustration! I have one more planned - similar to this but with a space theme.


  1. Love your book covers. The silk paper sounds and looks intriguing. Any chance of a lesson some time? Di

  2. Di, Your comments have only just showed up so excuse me for not replying sooner. We can spend an afternoon 'playing' with silk paper any time. Very easy - heavenly for the touch senses...


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