Saturday, December 1, 2007


Yes, it is officially the first day of summer... tell it to my dog snuggled on the couch into the flannel quilt! I suppose Toowoomba is a bit different to the rest of Queensland but it didn't really feel like summer yet... maybe that is why I like it so much!

We had a good day today at our Toowoomba Quilters Christmas party. I won't put pictures up here - you can probably see any at our blog site. I loved the presentation of the cheque (from the proceeds of the sale of tickets for our raffle quilt) and presentation of the raffle quilt.

I think the only sad person was Chris, who designed and made the quilt top, so understandably she was sad to see her "baby" go. Otherwise it is win-win all the way round - just like I like it! You can see from the picture of the quilt why Chris might be sad to see it go. This picture was taken before it was quilted (after basting) so it only got more lovely! The lady who accepted our cheque from Young Women's Place was really happy to receive a donation of $3,500 and gave a great talk about what their organisation does.

We had a great lunch, secret Santa swap and a few other things like "best Xmas dressed". Everyone seemed to have a good time. Our Block draw went very well with 27 blocks brought in - that means we could hand out 3 prizes of 9 blocks so that those recipients could (in theory) go home and piece a Xmas quilt top together. We used the Ohio Star block in red/green/cream and the blocks made were wonderful! We kept it simple and it seemed to work!

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